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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

December 21st
HI Family and Friends!!!!

I just can’t wait to talk to you! I just got the news last night and I will be Skyping you on Friday morning at 8 AM. That is sometime Christmas night for you guys! Make sure you get the time right ok?? And don’t forget!! haha.
Also, We got your package this week!!!!!!! It was such a blessing mom. I just want you to know, you gave me the best gift I could have received. It wasn’t the candy or the Oreos or the Christmas tree. It was the Christmas spirit. I’ve been denying the fact that Christmas is here because I was scared that I would miss you too much. But by doing that, I was also denying the beauty and peace that comes by remembering Christ and what his birth meant for us. But, as I put up the Christmas tree and lit the lights and put up the cutest little manger I’ve ever seen, I let the Christmas spirit into my heart. And it hasn’t been a sad or lonely thing. It’s been wonderful! I’m so glad to be giving the Lord the only present I can offer: my time and my will. Don’t get me wrong; I miss you guys more than ever. But I now have a reason for the season. I just love you guys so much! I’m so happy you’re all together. Have you gotten my letters yet?? I’m praying they will get to you in time!

Also, we are having a Christmas party and the Sister and Elders are each singing two songs. We are sing "Santa Clause is coming to town" in English and "Come all ye faithful" in Mongolian. It’s brought such a sweet spirit into our apartment as we try and memorize the words. My comp is the cutest when she sings the Santa song! haha. Also, I opened your present... sorry. haha well, open isn’t really the right word. It was already halfway ripped open. So I had to ;) and I was reminded how much you mean to me. So thank you :) And I’m wearing the scarf right now :) 

Ok, I love you! I will be talking to you on Friday morning at 8 AM. Which is like Christmas night there. Get the time right and don’t forget ok??? I love you :) 

Also, This Sunday, we went to Naraa's house again to be a part of the Nativity scene: Mongolian style. All the young women came and they did the nativity play in the little ger all decked out in pictures of Christ. It was the sweetest thing I‘ve ever experienced. 

I realized in that moment how lucky I am to be here. Mom, I’m really not sacrificing anything. I’m the lucky one. I love my mission. I love the people. I love the culture. I love the language that I can’t speak. haha. I love it all! But don’t be mistaken; I don’t think this Friday can come soon enough. I love you! Make sure you come up with lots of questions to ask me so I don’t waste anytime being an awkward missionary ok??

I Love you all

Sister Amy Royal


1.My comp was just too excited. We danced around in our new pajamas and she insisted that we took a million pictures haha.

 Sorry, our excitement was just tooooo much! And our pajamas were already ripped open, So we opened just the pajamas. haha. And they are a little big on my comp ;) but she seriously loved it. Thank you so much!!!

2.Our little Christmas tree.
Our new apartment is cute because it used to be the couple apt! I got so lucky! We even have a Crockpot. I hear it’s really easy to cook sheep heads in a crock pot. My comp really wants to do it... But I’m a little hesitant. haha

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Good Week In Mongolia

December 14, 2014
A Good Week

Hi :) It sounds like you had a busy week! Thanks for continuing to do your part by serving our ward. Seriously, when the members of the ward work together, great things can happen. We are trying to do that for our district right now. Our branch is pretty weak... People come to church and do their callings, but there aren’t real friendships being built. So I’ve been watching the district a lot and trying to figure out ways we can be better. One of our roles as missionaries is to leave the ward or branch better than when we came. And I’m trying my hardest to do that!

Here are answers to your questions.

Do you have dead time or do you go and go?

Um, dead time doesn’t’ really exist here. I still haven’t really figured out why, but I’m pretty sure everyone has a job of some sort, but they are always at home during weird times of the day. The Mongolian culture is just so different. It’s really relaxed and laid back. Most of the time, we don’t even call before we stop by. We just show up and they invite us in like they were expecting us all the time. It’s pretty nice. haha.

I have heard that Mongolian writing looks like falling knives. Is it true?

That is true! I’m learning how to write in the old Mongolian script. It’s actually kind of easy for me and looks really cool! When I’m riding on the bus, all the windows freeze and I practice in the ice on the window. People really like it. haha. It always strikes up conversations.

Are you able to sing any Christmas songs in Mongolian?

To answer your question, there are 2 Christmas songs translated into Mongolian and no one knows them. So we don’t sing them like at all. haha. But that’s ok

I ate sheep insides last night! Like straight up sheep intestines.... It was the worst thing I’ve ever tasted. Haha. I really love my companion. I really love being with her! I’m learning so much from her! I can cook Mongolian food. But not sheep intestines.

How is the house looking? Is the Christmas tree up?? I haven’t gotten lots of details on Christmas yet. This week we will get assigned a time to call. It could be anywhere from Christmas eve to Christmas night. But man I’m soooo excited! Its gonna be gooooood :)

I love you  :) Have you gotten my letters yet? I pray every day they will come to you!!! If you get them before Christmas, DONT YOU OPEN IT UNTIL CHRISTMAS DAY OK? hahah. Its the only present I could give to you guys..
Have a good week :) I’ll talk to you next Monday over email and then talk to you three days later of skype :) :)


Sister Royal


Oyoun Bileg and her family :)

Just reading my letters :)

I gave my comp one of the grammar books you sent me.  She’s trying to learn English and she does that book every day for language study :) So thanks :)

The cutest little puppy you'll ever see! I tried to feed it bacon-flavored chips... but he wasn’t having it.

Oyoun Bileg at her BAPTISM! Yay!

I caught the Christmas spirit I’ve been trying to deny... hahaha whoops.

I was purty excited. The best present a girl can get: a package with mommy's handwriting on it J

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Two Letters