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Monday, May 25, 2015

Thanks For the Birthday Wishes

Sister Royal and Sister Petersen

May 25, 2015

Dears Family and Friends.

It makes me soooo happy that you guys watched that food show. Welcome to my life. It’s funny because it all just seems normal now. But when I really think about it, yeah, it’s pretty gross. The biggest difference is just that they don’t waste anything! So, I’ve probably eaten every part of an animal by now. And yeah, the milk products here.... blahhhhh. haha so. darn. gross. I was so happy to see that everyone in my family has a little more insight on the beautiful/unique culture of Mongolia! Its just soooo hard to explain it over email! hahaha. And it was also fun to take a step out of my everyday Mongolian life to remember how all of this would look from my pre-missionary life. You’re right! When I really think about it, Mongolian food is really... interesting! hahaha. I guess it’s just been so long that I’ve gotten used to it or I’ve just been really blessed ;) probably the latter. (Watch Bizarre Foods, Mongolia on Netfix or the History Channel. Make sure you have a strong stomach.)

So, I assume you’ve heard the news.... I’m becoming a mission mom!!! My trainee should get into the country next week and then we are headed to Darkhan! I’m so excited to see all my friends there! And it will be great because I will be able to actually communicate with them this time! haha. I am pretty excited but also pretty nervous! haha. It’s going to be hard training in the countryside. But it’s all pretty poetic huh? Now, almost a year later, I’m going back to my birthplace :) But until my comp gets here, I’ve been hanging out with sister Petersen in Baganuur (another small countryside town where she will be serving) It’s a white wash there, so we've spent the weekend getting to know the people and the area. Also, Baganuur is approved for biking! So, for my first time as a missionary I got to ride around on a bike! And let me tell you, it was a really surreal thing to be riding through huge grass fields field with roaming horses. It was an experience I will never forget! I am reminded each day how lucky I am to be here. I know everyone might say this, but my mission is probably the best one out there! Anyways, we made our way back to the city today and we will hang out here until Thursday!

Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes! I’m headed out now to a yummy American place to celebrate :) I’m going to get a burger and a chocolate shake!

I am so overwhelmed by love for all of you! And even though we are far away, I feel so close to you all!!!! Have a good week :)

I love you :)


Sister Royal

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Will it ever get Warmer???

May 18, 2015
Hey everyone! 

So this week has been pretty great, except for the fact that I’m still freezing over here in the land of the Blue skies. haha. I keep thinking that it must be getting warm soon, so I’m starting to wear less of my winter clothes. But, unfortunately, me telling myself that it’s summer time doesn’t make anything more warmer here.... But, people keep telling me that its going to get hot soon, so I guess I just have to have faith that one day, I’ll be able to take off these tights. I’ve been wearing tights for the last 8 months of my life. I want to take them off!!! haha. Anyways, Let me tell you about a few highlights of my week: 

Last fast Sunday we fasted for a really good week of missionary work. It definitely was! We met our goal of number of visits: 4 with investigators and 9 with less-actives and new members.

1) This week, we met with one of our inactive members named Y. She is an older lady who has a store that takes up most of her days, including Sundays. Every time we meet with her, she always gives us a little treat from her store to say thank you. I always am excited to see what kind of surprise I will get. But, this time, she was feeling especially kind. We had just taught her a great lesson about sacrificing for the things that you love. We even got her to pay her tithing for the first time in years. And, as we were about to leave, she told us that she loved us, and wanted to sacrifice a little for us. So, she walked around the store, pulling out the most random things and giving it to us. We didn’t even have enough time to decline. haha. By the end of our visit, I ended up with a bright purple down jacket, a blaring pink chiffon skirt, and a pair of men’s shoes that were still just a little too tight.... haha. Although I may not add those things to my current wardrobe... I was so grateful to the gesture. She is such a wonderful lady :) 

2) This week was also full of really wonderful teaching opportunities! We have been fasting and praying for more success in the work, and it really worked! Each lesson we taught this week was filled with inspired messages and learning. Last Saturday, we decided to meet with a less active family that we haven’t met with for a while. As we walked in the house, we could feel the tension in the room. They had just finished getting in a big fight. And as the mother prayed, she prayed that they may be able to work out the problems that they are having and that they will be happier as a family. We were going to teach a lesson about missionary work, but as she prayed, I prayed too that I would be able to teach according to their needs. As she closed the prayer, a scripture came to my mind and I knew we needed to talk about humility. But, before I could tap my companion to let her know the change, Sister Overson started talking. But as I listened, I realized that she was introducing the very same thought I had in mind: being humble. Then, we both turned to the exact same scripture that came to my mind. It was such a wonderful experience and a testimony builder that the spirit truly does speak to us if we listen. 

I know that God loves all his children. I can feel it as I teach them. I can feel it as I meet with them. I love you all! Have a great week!

Love, Sister Royal 

1). So here is a picture of our baptism on Friday! They turned off the heat for the summer so the church building was really cold and the baptismal water was even colder! But she was really excited and really adorable. She is the niece of one of the best people ever, Chimetbaatar. The man who baptized her!

2). Sisters in Mongolia :) I mean, look at that view! 

3). We decided to go hiking again this morning and do our studies on a mountain top. But, first we had to take some funny pictures :) the following pictures are all taken at a place called Zaisan and its a memorial for the help that the Russians gave to the Mongolians during some war... haha sorry I cant be more specific... everything is all written in Mongolian so that all I could understand from it. Just google it ;) Comps who play together, stay together :) haha 

4). My special gift from one of our visits with Y. a member who owns a store... haha.

5) Cutest puppy ever. We have a family of dogs that live across the street. Every morning we look out our 7 story window and watch them play in their little field with a bunch of grass, trash, and 1 little ger. A  mom, dad, and 5 puppies . we were amazed that all the puppies survived the winter! And they all play with each other all the time, the big ones included.
 6.) I got my little package from the Mountain Point Seminary. Thank you! Mongolians love love love Reese's Peanut-butter Cups. I usually give them away. Except maybe one for me. :)


 8). My Companion Sister Overson teaches English at a Mongolian Kindergarten class. This last week professional photographers came to take pictures and I got to be in them. Look at this darling children taking a pose.

9). We got to Skype with Amy on Mother's Day. What a treat. We spent about 45 minutes talking. We learned so many things. She is have a good time and really enjoying her mission. She has the language and the customs down.  Here is a video from that Skype where she speaks to us in Mongolian. Sorry it is sideways. Mom goofed up filming.