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Friday, August 29, 2014

Mongolia is starting to get a little cold and so am I!

Hello All,

This week was a big transition from quiet Darhan to the loud city. But it is good to be back because we get to see missionaries around everywhere. Elder Hatton is in my District, and it’s nice to see a familiar face every once in a while. I also got to see Sister Petersen and Sister Cleveland at zone training this week. I missed them! Fall is coming on already and the city has started to be cold. And, naturally, as soon as the weather changed I got a cold as well. But my companion is taking great care of me :)
Teaching English is good. I am just teaching one 7-year-old boy right now. The family is so rich! It is such a contrast because I have been in the poorest of houses and going into her penthouse in Zison (the Scottsdale of UB) is kind of weird. She usually isn’t home, so it’s usually just me and him and the nanny. But he is so cute! I love him already! The poor kid is being stretched to the limit. He goes to school in the morning and has a tutor for homework afterwards. Then he comes home and I come from 2 hours to teach him English. So I try to make the lessons fun for him. I am always trying to be creative, so any fun game activities would be appreciated :)
This week, I am really starting to realize the importance of service here in Mongolia. Because both my companion and I are American, we both have to teach 2 hours of English everyday. That leaves little time for meeting with our investigators. Sometimes, it is hard for me to think of teaching English as being missionary work, but I know that through service, we are planting seeds for the future. We are being like Ammon :)
I was reading a little but about the children of Israel this week after reading an Ensign article and came to an interesting conclusion. After the children of Israel were freed from the Egyptians, they were led for 40 years in the wilderness. As they were led, they never knew how long they would stay in an area. They were "wondering" while they wandered. I think we are all like this at some point in our lives. For me, even though I have been here for a month, I am still pretty new at all of this. I don’t understand the language very well and I am left doing a lot of wondering. haha. Sometimes, its easy for me to think, "I just cant wait until I can speak the language..." just as I’m sure the Israelites though "I just can’t wait until we get to the promised land". But the problem with that is as we wander through our lives always yearning for the future or living in the past, we miss out on wonderful experiences in the now. Just like my mission hasn’t turned out exactly as I expected, all of our lives take unexpected turns. But lets all remember to enjoy the present. Enjoy the journey and it will make the destination so much sweeter.
I love you all!
Don’t forget it :)
Until next week.

Sister Royal 

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