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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Pictures From Mongolia

Its getting cold now! But my comp and I are toasty warm in our nice winter jackets

Hi mom :) and Family November 21, 2014

Thanks for the inspirational quote! It’s so true! This week, I had an experience with that quote.
 It was late at night and we were walking home from a meeting with our investigator (Oyoun Belig) She is so ready to get baptized and we just finished all the lessons, so she is ready. But, She had not received permission from her husband. I was so sad! As we were walking in the freezing cold and the smoke was all around us, I just was feeling pretty down in the dumps. I hate this cold I thought. then, all of the sudden, a light snow started to fall. and because of contrast of the dark smoke in the air, I could see each flake almost perfectly. And, In that moment, I decided to be grateful for that beautiful snow and grateful for the opportunity I had to meet and teach Oyoun Belig. And from that night on, my companion and I prayed with faith that she would receive permission from her husband to get baptized. And yesterday, we met with her and she told us she got permission and is ready to be baptized!!!! What a blessing! She should be getting baptized next week if all goes well! It was truly a blessing. I know the Lord wants all his children to come to him. And, if we have enough faith, he will guide us as his missionaries to help others come unto him.
In the spirit of thanksgiving, I want to let you know how grateful I am for you. Being in Mongolia, I haven’t really caught the thanksgiving spirit... haha. But today I feel it. I’m grateful for my family. I’ve been blessed with two wonderful parents and siblings that are my best friends. I’m grateful for Mongolia and the people I’ve been blessed to meet here. I thought that I was called to Mongolia to help people and have people learn from me. But the truth is, Ive learned so much from the people here. And they have helped me in ways I will forever be grateful for. I’m also grateful for this gospel. I have the opportunity to share it every day! How cool is that!
I love you all so much. And mom, I especially love you. I miss you and I’m grateful for your hugs and kisses.
Dad, Thanks for the update :) and tell Ann I say hi! As to your question, yeah, I see real poverty every day. Especially now that winter is coming, it is becoming more apparent and more heartbreaking. But, It is really true. The poorest people are sometimes some of the most humble and nicest people you will meet. I love you dad :)
Sister Royal

PS, I got your letter this week!!!!!! Tell your seminary kids that I love them!!!!!!!

1)Me and Sister Altantsetseg on our first day

2) our service at Naraa's house. I just feel like this needs to be in the ensign or something.. So make that happed ok?? haha

3) Ariun Tunlaga and I. She is the strongest member I’ve met and probably my best friend. She comes with us on splits a lot.

4) Our funny dusk masks we have to wear... I hate them! haha The air quality is so bad because of the coal and wood burning for heat.

5) My first train ride!

6) Split with the Erdenet sisters and enjoying some nice exercise

7) My comp (Sister Altantsetseg and her cute little brother) Her family is from Erdenet, and we ran into her brother one day. It was great.

8) Oyoun Belik and her cute little daughter. She will be getting baptized this week I hope!!!

9) Me and the cutest little investigators you will ever meet. haha

Monday, November 17, 2014

Hi from Mongolia

November 16, 2014
Dear Family and Friends,
The package you sent was returned?!
Oh man, I’m so sorry to hear how much stress my dang package is giving you... but it’s just nice to know that it was returned to you and not still lost somewhere in outer Mongolia. haha. Of course, I would love to get packages from you. But if it causes you too much trouble, letters will suffice :)
I hope that you had a good week! I heard that you and dad had a nice relaxing weekend. That’s nice. Man, the biggest thing I miss (besides you guys of course) are weekends! haha.
So, this week has been an eventful one! I am currently in Erdnet (a small countryside city) with my companion. She has some heart problems, so we took a train last night and she’s going to the hospital to get checked up. Missionary work still goes on though, so I will take the train back to the city tonight and then return to Erdnet Thursday to pick up my comp and we will both return back to the city... that is 40 hours of traveling on an overnight train... haha. But it sure was an adventure! I felt like I was on the polar express or something!
This week, I also experienced my first positive interaction with a drunk man... haha. My comp and I got on the bus and it was packed! So, we tried to stay as close as each other as possible, but the crowds kind of pushed us away. I ended up standing next to an obviously drunk man sitting down on the floor. Great... As soon as he spotted me, he asked me if I wanted to sit on his lap. I kindly declined (obviously). He then, a little offended, pulled out some bright pink lip-gloss and proceeded to seductively put it on his lips while staring me down. I just couldn’t help but laugh. I just stood there, laughing at him. He then started laughing too and as I got off the bus, we shook hands like old friends. hahaha. Guys, it was just soooooooo funny!
This week, I also had the opportunity translate for one of the couples who attended a baptism. That’s right... translate. When they asked me, I of course rejected. I’ve only been here 4 months! I can’t translate! But, as I sat there, the spirit prompted me and gave me the confidence I needed. So, I sat there, translating my first Mongolian talk. And I did relatively well. I’m not saying I didn’t make up some stuff on the spot... haha. But it was pretty fun. Guys, I’m in Mongolia! haha how weird is that!
I’m having a good time! Its cold, but the spirit is keeping me warm ;) haha. I love you so much! Don’t stress out about the packages ok? Just know that I love you sooooooo much!
Sister Royal 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Greetings from Mongolia

These are Amy's letters from the last 3 weeks

October 27, 2014
Hi :)
Well this week I said goodbye to my trainer and my area. Sister Magleby left for home this week and I go transferred to Svxbataar. The area is seriously huge! Our area goes clear out to the end of the city. Its practically in the country side! ha-ha. My companion is seriously an angle! Her name is Sister Altantsetseg and she has been on her mission for 5 months now. She speaks so quickly! ha-ha but she is so patient with me!
This week, I feel like I have turned a new leaf. Although I was sad to say goodbye to my trainer, I have gained a new love for Mongolia and for missionary work! I love it here! I will send pics next week :) Love you all.

Love Sister Royal

November 3, 2014
HI mom :)

Yeah, Sorry about these last few weeks! I’ve been a bad daughter! ha-ha. Now that I’m with a Mongolian comp, I’m getting used to blending two totally different cultures together, you know? And one of those things is pday... She doesn’t have anyone to write. No family or anything. So sitting here watching me email all my friends and family probably isn’t very fun for her.. So my email might be short, but they are full of love and happiness :) I hope you know that!!

So here is some more info about my area: We are on the very other end of the city. In Unur (my last area) we were on the far north or the city and now we are on the far far south. My area is seriously huge! It will take me the next year just to find my way around.. ha-ha but its great. My old area was mostly apartment and now we are all in ger districts! My companion is great. She speaks really really fast... ha-ha so my listening skills are improving! But we are able to joke and have fun together. She is currently learning English while I’m learning Mongolian, so its been fun helping each other out. I love learning about this new culture! my companion is always really nervous about me being cold, so she makes sure I’m nice and warm. So you have nothing to worry about :) I eat meat for every meal. ha-ha literally. Its not real food unless there’s meat in it. I’m definitely putting on the pounds for winter... whoops! The other day, we went to a members house and did service and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do! ha-ha. She had us sawing wood for her winter supply. The Elders came by and we were all chopping and talking and having fun and I realized that I was speaking Mongolian! ha-ha. I love those moments where I catch myself speaking Mongolian without actually thinking about it. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, its great :) hmmm... Anything else you want to know? ha-ha there’s a lot I’m sure, but I can’t think of anything... I’m still trying to get to know my area and the people in it. Because its so big, we haven’t had time to meet with many of our normal people, So its been kind of hard for me. But I’m learning :)

Man, I just miss you so much! I know I say it a lot, but it’s because I actually and really mean it. I never thought that I would miss you guys so much! But I guess it’s a blessing right? I’ve been blessed with on great family :) Tell Jack I say hi ok? ps, Will you double check the mailing address you are sending to? I haven’’t gotten a letter from you guys in months! I miss seeing your handwriting!!!!

Anything else? Ask me anything :) I love you. I love the lord. I love Mongolia.
Until next week :)


aw man... this stinking computer isnt letting me send pics... again! Next week.. Just know my comp is a super cute little mongolian ;) haha. Maybe Ill just send real pics in the mail.
Ok, I love you!! Stay warm there is Arizona ;)

ps, just a little under 2 months and I get to talk to you :) :) I cant wait to hear your voice!!!!!

November 10. 2014
It’s Been a Good Week
Hi Family and Loved Ones :)
 I’m glad to hear all is well in Arizona! I thought about you guys a lot this week! Man, I don’t know why, but I was just so worried about you guys... ha-ha weird, I know.
So, we were in a lesson and my companion shared a scripture out of the blue in D&C 118:3. And it was in Mongolian but I understood every word perfectly. As I continue to serve faithfully here in Mongolia, I know you guys will be blessed. I know that was an answer to my prayers and worries. So, I hope you can feel my prayers and see that blessings that come from my service :) I also hope you know that I love you. My emails may sometimes be short (oh and I have no idea how to send pictures home... my little device that I used to use broke... But I’m working on it!) But never forget that I love you, ok?? The biggest trial and biggest blessing of my mission so far has been missing my family! You guys are just all so great!
So, this week was full of little miracles. First off, last Monday, we went to a single lady named Naraa's house for FHE. She is probably about 45 years old and she is the strongest member I have ever met. She recently got back from a mission in Ukraine (She left exactly a year after she was baptized) and I seriously believe that our little branch would be nowhere with out her. Anyways, she invited us over for FHE because each week she has all the little girls in her little ger district come over and work on personal progress together. Most of these girls don’t have much family support and there is currently not a young women’s leader in our branch. So, she has taken it upon herself to help these girls out. As we witnessed the service of this faithful lady that Monday night, I was filled with so much love and appreciation for her. She is a lady who has seen a lot of sorrow in her life and she is rough around the edges, but her heart is so kind and I am so grateful for her.
Later that week, we were out in the countryside basically after a long day of meeting with ALAs. It was dark, cold, and buses were scarce. Man, we were both just ready to be home and not in very good moods. So, I decided that if we were going to wait here, I might as well make it fun. So, I started singing a song... ha-ha. I just started making up words to different children’s tunes. At first, my comp wasn’t having it... but after a little while, she started sing too and by the time the bus came (30 min later) we had made up the cutest little Mongolian song. ha-ha. And now, ever time we are waiting for the bus, we sing it. This week, I also taught my comp an English phrase. Are you ready for it..... "Whatas up, Buddy?" ha-ha. It’s the cutest thing you will ever hear! When we wake up in the morning, she greats me with a "Whatas up buddy?' and I answer back "Nothing much, buddy!" ha-ha Its my favorite!
Overall, I’m very happy here! It’s getting colder but I’m feeling warmer than ever. Cheesy.. Yes. But it’s true!
I love you mom! Any updates on the package yet?? I pray every night that I’ll get it. Ha-ha seriously! I need some love from home :)
I love you,
Sista Royal