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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Pictures From Mongolia

Its getting cold now! But my comp and I are toasty warm in our nice winter jackets

Hi mom :) and Family November 21, 2014

Thanks for the inspirational quote! It’s so true! This week, I had an experience with that quote.
 It was late at night and we were walking home from a meeting with our investigator (Oyoun Belig) She is so ready to get baptized and we just finished all the lessons, so she is ready. But, She had not received permission from her husband. I was so sad! As we were walking in the freezing cold and the smoke was all around us, I just was feeling pretty down in the dumps. I hate this cold I thought. then, all of the sudden, a light snow started to fall. and because of contrast of the dark smoke in the air, I could see each flake almost perfectly. And, In that moment, I decided to be grateful for that beautiful snow and grateful for the opportunity I had to meet and teach Oyoun Belig. And from that night on, my companion and I prayed with faith that she would receive permission from her husband to get baptized. And yesterday, we met with her and she told us she got permission and is ready to be baptized!!!! What a blessing! She should be getting baptized next week if all goes well! It was truly a blessing. I know the Lord wants all his children to come to him. And, if we have enough faith, he will guide us as his missionaries to help others come unto him.
In the spirit of thanksgiving, I want to let you know how grateful I am for you. Being in Mongolia, I haven’t really caught the thanksgiving spirit... haha. But today I feel it. I’m grateful for my family. I’ve been blessed with two wonderful parents and siblings that are my best friends. I’m grateful for Mongolia and the people I’ve been blessed to meet here. I thought that I was called to Mongolia to help people and have people learn from me. But the truth is, Ive learned so much from the people here. And they have helped me in ways I will forever be grateful for. I’m also grateful for this gospel. I have the opportunity to share it every day! How cool is that!
I love you all so much. And mom, I especially love you. I miss you and I’m grateful for your hugs and kisses.
Dad, Thanks for the update :) and tell Ann I say hi! As to your question, yeah, I see real poverty every day. Especially now that winter is coming, it is becoming more apparent and more heartbreaking. But, It is really true. The poorest people are sometimes some of the most humble and nicest people you will meet. I love you dad :)
Sister Royal

PS, I got your letter this week!!!!!! Tell your seminary kids that I love them!!!!!!!

1)Me and Sister Altantsetseg on our first day

2) our service at Naraa's house. I just feel like this needs to be in the ensign or something.. So make that happed ok?? haha

3) Ariun Tunlaga and I. She is the strongest member I’ve met and probably my best friend. She comes with us on splits a lot.

4) Our funny dusk masks we have to wear... I hate them! haha The air quality is so bad because of the coal and wood burning for heat.

5) My first train ride!

6) Split with the Erdenet sisters and enjoying some nice exercise

7) My comp (Sister Altantsetseg and her cute little brother) Her family is from Erdenet, and we ran into her brother one day. It was great.

8) Oyoun Belik and her cute little daughter. She will be getting baptized this week I hope!!!

9) Me and the cutest little investigators you will ever meet. haha

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