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Monday, November 17, 2014

Hi from Mongolia

November 16, 2014
Dear Family and Friends,
The package you sent was returned?!
Oh man, I’m so sorry to hear how much stress my dang package is giving you... but it’s just nice to know that it was returned to you and not still lost somewhere in outer Mongolia. haha. Of course, I would love to get packages from you. But if it causes you too much trouble, letters will suffice :)
I hope that you had a good week! I heard that you and dad had a nice relaxing weekend. That’s nice. Man, the biggest thing I miss (besides you guys of course) are weekends! haha.
So, this week has been an eventful one! I am currently in Erdnet (a small countryside city) with my companion. She has some heart problems, so we took a train last night and she’s going to the hospital to get checked up. Missionary work still goes on though, so I will take the train back to the city tonight and then return to Erdnet Thursday to pick up my comp and we will both return back to the city... that is 40 hours of traveling on an overnight train... haha. But it sure was an adventure! I felt like I was on the polar express or something!
This week, I also experienced my first positive interaction with a drunk man... haha. My comp and I got on the bus and it was packed! So, we tried to stay as close as each other as possible, but the crowds kind of pushed us away. I ended up standing next to an obviously drunk man sitting down on the floor. Great... As soon as he spotted me, he asked me if I wanted to sit on his lap. I kindly declined (obviously). He then, a little offended, pulled out some bright pink lip-gloss and proceeded to seductively put it on his lips while staring me down. I just couldn’t help but laugh. I just stood there, laughing at him. He then started laughing too and as I got off the bus, we shook hands like old friends. hahaha. Guys, it was just soooooooo funny!
This week, I also had the opportunity translate for one of the couples who attended a baptism. That’s right... translate. When they asked me, I of course rejected. I’ve only been here 4 months! I can’t translate! But, as I sat there, the spirit prompted me and gave me the confidence I needed. So, I sat there, translating my first Mongolian talk. And I did relatively well. I’m not saying I didn’t make up some stuff on the spot... haha. But it was pretty fun. Guys, I’m in Mongolia! haha how weird is that!
I’m having a good time! Its cold, but the spirit is keeping me warm ;) haha. I love you so much! Don’t stress out about the packages ok? Just know that I love you sooooooo much!
Sister Royal 

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