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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Happy Father's Day

June 21, 2015
At our 1 year mark.
Sister Petersen and Sister Royal
Hi Family and Friends,

Thanks for your testimony of Jesus Christ! I have been studying a lot about him this week and it’s been so great! The only hard part is that the more you study about Jesus Christ and his atonement, the more you actually realize how much you just can’t comprehend! Please continue to send me your testimony of Christ.
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Sister Amy Royal
5th Fl, LDS Church Bldg, Tokyo Street 6
Bayanzurkh District, 1st Khoroo

Here is Mongolia, they don’t celebrate Fathers Day. That’s probably because there aren’t that many great father figures here. And it just makes me realize even more how lucky I am to have a poppa like mine!

Look at you have people over on Fathers Day! haha I remember how much I used to dislike when you would invite people over for holidays and stuff. And just now am I realizing that that is the biggest missionary work anyone can do, just caring for people. If there is one thing I am SURE I will do after my mission is visiting people in their homes. Caring for those who are lonely or needy. And VISITING TEACHING!!!! So, thank you for being such a good example :)

PS, We did a split this week with the STL's from the city and I got mail!!!!! haha I got a letter from Brother and Sister Rogers. Will you tell them how much I appreciated it? Thanks :) BIG THANKS to... Patriarch and Sister Rogers

I love you all :) 
Have a good week!!!

Love, Sister Royal 


There was no hot water for our baptism.. so we were trying to warm it up with some boiled water. haha. PS, we meet in an old apartment building here, so there is no font. So People get baptized in this pool. haha 

 We had to hike forever to visit this Less active family. We were literally in the middle of nowhere. 

 We were walking around and started playing what are the odds... She asked me what are the odds that I would go ask this kid if I could ride his little kid bike. I obviously picked the biggest odds possible- 1 out of 40. And guess what... We both guessed 12!!! hahaha.... that was embarrassing... 

We got a balloon for kids day.. and then felt kinda dumb so we gave them to some actual kids. haha 

  Mongolian countryside baby! 

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