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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Happy 4th of July

June 28, 2015

Hi Family and Friends,

The Fourth of July is this week. This is a really important day! haha I never thought I would be patriotic.. but, living in a third world country for a year has really made me appreciate the blessings we have in good ol Merica :)
I can’t believe that you will be ALONE for the fourth of July Dad?! You should hang out with Lisa. Have a yummy bbq or something :)

Kevin is getting so old! I wrote him a nice email this week. Mom, you are so full of wisdom! I think that advice you gave him to have the best experience at efy is great. He needs to; 1) If you see a chance to serve do it. 2) If you feel like being selfish don't do it. That is good advice for ANYONE! I’m going to try that this week.

I’ve been praying a lot this week about change.  Remember that one story that Elder Utchdorf gave about the little kids and the marshmallows?  Even though that example was supposed to be for a chastity lesson, it can be applied to a lot of different things in our lives. Lisa wrote me something that really stuck with me. Its all about saying goodbye to different phases is our lives. At the moment it seems sooooo hard. Like when I was leaving on my mission or in a few months when I will go home from my mission. But, you say goodbyes for reasons. Changes are really good.

I am still stranded here in the countryside with no clothes...thanks to Sister Perersen for letting me borrow. BUT, I’m getting my companion this Thursday!!! We'll go back to the city on Thursday and then I really don’t know where I’m going... haha. It was going to be Darkhan, but I’m not really sure anymore. I’ll let you know this next week.
And then, I don’t know where I’m headed! So next week will be a surprise!

Also, this week I finally tasted.... Sheep Head! Finally almost a year later... I got to eat both the eyes... and an ear. The eyes are a special treat reserved for the women to eat and you have to eat both eyes. Pretty gross huh?? haha If I’m being honest.. it was Pepto Bismol for most of the night after eating that head... but it was worth it! But hey. YOLO!

That’s the joys of a mission: you do and experience and feel and become things that you would never be able to do otherwise. It’s such a wonderful experience. The best part is getting to meet the people. Wherever you will go, you will get to meet people from all different walks of life. And there is no better feeling than watching the gospel and the words that are placed in your mouth make a change in another human's life. And when you go on a mission, you will LITERALLY save souls. There is no grater work than that. And you know what else, missions are FUN! haha. Missionary work is some serious work that requires some serious fun! You and your companions will have sooooo much fun on your mission.

I’m just so excited for my little bro Kevin to experience a mission. You can be honest with me: Are you feeling nervous about serving a mission? What are your worries? What are you excited about? You can tell me because, guess what? I’ve probably felt exactly the same way. And I can help you!

Ok, I love you all :) Have a good week!

Sister Royalth

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