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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I am Back in Mongolia

August 2, 2015
Hi Family :) 

Ok, I’ll let you in on all the Hong Kong details and then you can pass it down: 

So, I had to go because I have been having some visa problems. And while I was down there, they figured I might as well get my sponsor changed to a church sponsor, Which means I can teach at any church in all of Mongolia. Which is a huge step! And, while I’m teaching, I’m allowed to wear my missionary nametag! Anyways, me and one elder went together. We got paired up with a companionship there in Hong Kong. Because Hong Kong is such an international place, all of the missionaries have to know English. So there are some Mandarin, Cantonese, English and Tagalong speaking missionaries there. I was with the Mandarin speaking missionaries and they were just so cute and nice! I got to wear my nametag everywhere and I even did some street contacting! It was so fun! Hong Kong is such a beautiful place! It’s full of huge buildings and nice grocery stores. haha. I actually was really overwhelmed when I first got there. We walked into a grocery store and I actually had tears come to my eyes... not because I was happy or sad but just because I was just really overwhelmed... I can’t imagine what it will be like to get home... I received so much love from the Hong Kong missionaries! They bent a lot of strings to get me to the temple on my last day! It was a wonderful experience! And that night, I stayed the night with the mission president and his wife... in the temple! Haha!! Their house is on the basement floor of the temple... weird right?? On my last night, after going through the temple and receiving so much love from all the missionaries, I couldn’t sleep just thinking about how blessed I truly am. I still don’t understand what I did to receive so many blessings in my life. I am just trying my best to pay it forward here in Mongolia! 

So, I headed back to Mongolia Friday night and I’m now back in Darkhan! It’s actually really nice to be home! I missed this place! And I sure missed speaking Mongolian! haha It was sure a fun adventure! When I got back my companion and I met with a new convert family. We had a family home Evening with them and talked about going to the temple. we had family home evening last night with a new member family and we set a goal to get them to the temple. Families here are so committed to sacrificing everything for the temple! It’s so wonderful :) 

Mom, I’m so sorry to hear about your fingers :( I will be praying extra hard for you! Have you gotten a blessing from dad? You should. Blessings are power! Also, I know you might be feeling overwhelmed about the old testament, but it will be so cool to learn more about the stories in there! My companion has started reading the Old Testament and it has kind of made me want to too! Should you and I read it together?! 

Well, this week is your anniversary! How many years again ? Is it 34 years? Wow, So long! You two have really been great parents! I hope you have fun on your little get away! You deserve it!

I love you mom and Dad! 

Love, Sister Royal 


1) My purchases at the grocery store! haha Sooo yummy! PS, mom, you'll be so proud of me: I got all my fruit on sale because they were "about to go bad" But I don’t know what they are talking about! The fruit was better than any of the fruit I can get in Mongolia! #barginshopper

2) My cute Hong Kong companions! 

3) A five hour plane ride and it looks like I’ve arrived in a different planet! HAHA. Mongolia is so beautiful :)

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