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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Love from Mongolia

August 29,

Family and friends;

WOW! I just hit my 4-month mark yesterday. Now I’m into 3 months and 20 something days!!!! AHHH. How can I ever leave this place! So, the transfer came out... My daughter left me :( haha. Sister Westover is back in the city and... Guess what?! Sister Altantsetseg and I are companions again! haha. It’s so fun being back together with her. It’s like 2 friends getting back together. We are working in both new and old Darkhan and we are the only missionaries in Darkhan! We are supposed to do the work of 4 sisters and 2 elders between the 2 of us. uhhhh... can you say overwhelming? haha and on top of that, we became the Sister Training Leaders for our zone. We are on a split right now in Erdenet (a beautiful countryside city). Sorry to leave you all waiting on Monday... We decided that in order to make best use of our time, we would just skip our p-day and do net today on our way back to the city.

Well, I hope that all is well with you. It makes me so happy that you have all grown to love and cherish the Mongolian people. They really are special. They are a LOT different than us and sometimes it can be hard to find common ground. But at the same time, we are really similar too. We are all just trying. And I think we have A LOT to learn from these people and their way of life.

Man, I just love when you guys get to learn more about this cool country I’m in! And yes, all of those things are true :) The trash trucks are my favorite! hahaha. So funny. I’m glad that you are happy and healthy :) I love you

To answer your question: yes, I have tried horse milk. It’s really awful. haha. Although, a new rule came out that we can’t drink the fermented horse milk because its slightly alcoholic. haha. So, I got out of that one. YES ;) haha. I love you mommy. I can’t wait for the time when I get to come home, be part of Lisa's wedding,  and celebrate Christmas all at the same time. It was almost be too much happiness to handle... almost ;)

So, I’ve actually been thinking a lot about how to control stress better this week. And I haven’t come up with a cure yet, but I have realized something: We stress out about stuff we can’t handle, which makes us stress out even more. For example: I HATE being late on my mission. But guess what, that is just how the culture is here. Sometimes we will get stuck in really bad traffic or the bus doesn’t come for a while. And I just sit there and stress out so bad. I do the same thing when people are late. I wait and I pace and I get angry. But I realized this week that there is literally nothing I can do about it. Like when I’m stuck in traffic. I can’t get off the bus and just walk there. I can’t make all the cars disappear. So why stress about it.  I realize that it’s a lot easier said that done and I’m not really sure how to apply that into my anti stress plan, but I just thought I would share that with you. The Mongolian culture is a really laid back culture. And sometimes it’s really frustrating. But, I actually think there is a lot to learn about the way they live life.

This week, we had a big mission get together and went to go see a culture show. It was the best thing I’ve ever seen! I LOVE Mongolia!!!! It made me never want to leave! And there was a throat singer there and you know what? When done correctly and when you know the meaning of the song, it actually is really beautiful. He was singing a song about mothers and I think I even felt the spirit! haha I don’t know, maybe I’ve just turned Mongolian... haha. Anyways, all is good here :) I’m happy :) I hope you are happy too! 

Anyways, Being sister training leader isn’t really that different except for the fact that we have to travel all over the country to go on splits with sisters. We went to a small place called Erdenet last week and this week we are doing another split. The only thing that really scares me having to give a presentation for zone trainings... IN MONGOLIAN! But, it’ll be ok. this week has been sooooo hot here too! It got up to 40 degrees Celsius. What is that in degrees? 

I found this picture in the Liahona this week and it really stuck with me. So often, we choose to take the hard path in life. We choose to row the boat on the sand and complain about how hard it is, when the water is just across the way. Jesus Christ and is healing atonement are always within our reach. But he can force us to come into him. It is our choice to get up, and enter the healing waters of Jesus Christ’s gospel. So DONT CHOOSE THE SAND. Seek the living water and we shall never thirst again. I love you all!  ;) Have a good week xoxoxo

Sister Royalth

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