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Friday, June 20, 2014

Climbing The Mountain

June 20, 2014
These 6 Missionaries are all heading out to Mongolia.
This is Amy's District 

The English as a second language zone

Hi Everyone! 

This week has been great! We did our first TRC this week (it is where we meet with real people and speak Mongolian with them) I was sooooo nervous for it! Elder Hatton and I work really well together, but his Mongolian is so much better than mine so I was scared I would get drowned out. I prayed so hard to have the spirit to be with me. And as we walked into the room with real investigators, I felt such peace come over me. Both Elder Hatton and I tried not to write a lot down becuse we wanted the spirit to guide us and it worked! We were conversing and talking about things we hadn't really learned. Words were coming to my head that I'm sure we haven't learned before, but I knew them! The spirit was so strong! It was one of the coolest experiences I've had so far! I love being a missionary! I am so humbled by how much the Lord blesses me each day. When I first started my mission, I though that I was giving up something by being here and I was happy to do it, but As time progresses here at the MTC, I realize that I am not giving up anything. I am leaving those whom I love for only a short period of time and I am gaining so much from it. I am being blessed in ways I can't even express. And I am so grateful for it! Life it great! 

We've had quite a few cool speakers lately at devotionals. I think it is because it is summer time so the apostles are all in town. Plus we are here for so long, so its bound to happen. lol We've had Elder Cook and Elder Ballard come as well as Sister Dew. Sister Dew said something in her devotional that really hit me. She said, "The Lord rarely moves the mountians in front of us, but He will ALWAYS help us get to the top". And It is so true. Missions are hard. Life is hard. Each of us have our own little mountians to climb each day. but all we have to do it ask the Lord to help us get the the top. And he will! Sometimes it is easy to feel like we are downing in the stresses/craziness of life. But just remember, our lifeguard walks on water! I love you all! 

Until next week! 
Sister Royal

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