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Friday, June 6, 2014

Working Hard at the MTC

Day One at the MTC. The orange dot on my tag lets everyone know I am new and to be nice to me. My companions are Sister Peterson and Sister Cleaveland. I love them already

June 6, 2014

Hi Everyone! 

My week has been so busy, stressful and wonderful all at the same time! We taught our first investigator in Mongolian... twice! It is a little hard to communicate when you dont know what they are saying and you are not even completely sure what you are saying... haha but the spirit speaks through all languages, so its been good. I can now pray and say a few simple sentinces about Joseph Smith in Mongolian. My teahcers are so patient with us. haha. 

Being a sister training leader has been awesome! It is a difficult calling, especially when I am by myself (why dont they call two sister training leaders again....), but I have grown so much from it. Our zone is the English as a Second Language zone, which means almost all of the new missionaries coming in are foriegn. On Wednesday, we had 25 new foriegn missionaries and 18 of them were girls. I had to make sure that they got to their meetings on time, get them aquianted with the MTC and make sure I didnt loose any on the way. It was stressful to say the least, but it is amazing how willing these sisters are to serve. I respect and love them so much! We have an elder from Micronesia who barely speaks english and he is headed to a spanish speaking mission! He is such a strong missionary already! 

On Tuesday, we had our service assignment. our district was moving bed frames into the new dorms for the missionaries. I dont know why they asked the sisters to come because it seemed like the Brothers in charge were determined to have us sit on the sidelines while the men did the work. Finally, after begging enough, the elders let me carry my very own bed frame up to the rooms. And that may have been even worse that sitting on the sidelines. Every elder I passed on my way up greeted me with a "good job Sister" or "wow sister, thats heavy!" hahaha I was furious! And the worse part was, the bed frame was actually really heavy and I had to carry it up 4 flights of stairs! But I couldn't give up in order to prove my point, so I think I may have pulled something in the name of making a point. haha but it was worth it! (mom, you can take this part out of the letter if you are too embarrassed to have a closet feminist as a daughter ;) I really do love everything about the MTC, even the elders who think us sisters dont have muscles... ;) 

My district is fanstastic! The elders are so funny and dilligent. they work sooooo hard at the language. And my companions are just as strong. Each day I am more and more honored to be going to Mongolia with those elders and sisters. I love and miss all of you! Aunt Debra, thank you for the wonderful email update you sent me! Sorry I didnt have enough time to write you back! I took lots of pics this week, but I am still not really sure how to send it in an email, so you will have to wait a little longer. The church is true y'all 

Love Always, 
Royal Egch    

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