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Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July Everyone! 

Tonight will be a special night here at the MTC! We have a special talent show/fireside and we get to watch the fireworks! And if we get really lucky, we will be able to hear Carrie Underwood sing from the Stadium of Fire!  Man, I miss music so much here! When ever I get the chance, I always go on and listen to Brandon Flowers' I'm a Mormon video because it has some of the Killers music in the background. haha I'm not kidding. We can't listen to music at all here in the MTC so, I think I'm having withdraws. 

Today has been an insteresting week with our lovely sick sister, Sister Teirua. She got especially bad yesterday and Sister Petersen and I got to go with her to a MRI appointment. We missed almost the whole day and what was more, we got to leave the MTC! It was so weird leaving those walls and going into the real world with my nametag on! But I liked it! I felt so bad for poor Sister Teirua, but she is so strong! Any prayers would be much appreciated though. 

This week, We got to do our TRC teaching in Mongolian again and we got to speak with a real Mongolian! Her name is Boika (I think that is how you spell it in English...) and she is living here in Provo with her husband! I think it might be the one that Aunt Sheree was talking about from her Stake! It was so fun, but also so different from our teachers! It was a wake up call for me knowing that there is a big difference between our American Teachers speaking Mongolian and actual Mongolians speaking Mongolian... hahaha. But we were able to communicate alright, so that was good! We have been practicing our Mongolian Sign Language more and more. it is so fun! And much easier than speaking Mongolian, oddly enough. We now know how to say our prayers and sing I am a Child of God in MSL. Its awesome! 

This week, We had a devotional from a really awesome guy... But I can't remember his name at the moment... haha.. anyways, he said something that really stuck with me. He said that "Love fuels the refiners fire" And as he said that, a line from one of my favorite songs came to mind "Chasten my soul that I may be in perfect harmony with thee". A lot of times we see our trials and hard times and as a punishment from God. Why would God let this happen to me? The word "Chasten" always seems to have a negative connotetation, often associated with getting in trouble. But I learned this week that the Lord chastens us and tries us so that we can become more like Him each day. He puts us through the refiners fire because He loves us. He wants us to become better. A mission is kind of like one big, beautiful refiners fire. I am humbled and chastened each and everyday. But I am so happy and so blessed! And I know that the Lord is only doing it so that I may be in better harmony with Him. I love my mission! The church is true! I love all of you and can feel your support and prayers each and every day and only 4 more weeks till I can get out of these walls and head into the real world! (well, as real world as mongolia can get...) haha. Love you! 

Би номлолоо хайртай! Сүм үнэн байна! Би та бүгдийг хайрладаг.

Love Always, 
Sister Royal 

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