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Friday, July 11, 2014

Happy Fourth

Happy Fourth of July

July 11, 2014
Hello Everyone! 
Well, another week has come and gone here at the MTC. Yes, Im still here. hahaha. But, I only have less than 3 more weeks before I leave! Ahh. I feel no where close to ready to leave, but I am excited for the adventures to come. (And also excited to not have to eat MTC food any more!) I hope everyone's fourth of July was awesome! Mine sure was! We had a talent show, watched 17 miracles (*gasp* a real life featured film?) and finally watched the fireworks at the very end. It was my first glance into the real world since I entered the Missionary Training Center. It was great. And I even heard Carrie Underwood belt the Star Spangled Banner. It was a breath of fresh air! This week, I also observed my first ESL class and on thursday, I will be teaching a class by myself! Scary! I dont know how they expect us to teach after a week or so of training, but I will do it with a smile on my face :) I loved working with these ESL students! They are so willing to learn and excited for my help. 
So, I have 2 funny stories to tell you before I go. The first is when we were teaching one of our progressing investigators named Thauga. He is a middle aged man and is very closed off to our lessons. But he still continues to meet with us. Anyways, one lesson, he asked me a question I wasnt prepared to answer. I knew none of the mongolian words I needed to explain it and I was put on the spot. And as I searched my brain for some sort of help, all of my mongolian left me and I was all of a sudden thinking in spanish! thats right. I could explain the whole thing in spanish, but my mongolian was gone. After sitting in silence for a few minutes, i decided to just say something. And the first think I said was I spanish word. It was so embarrassing. My companion looked at me like I was crazy and I couldnt beleive it. My comp took the raigns on that one and afterwards, all of us had a nice laugh about it. Second Story: So, a couple days ago, my teacher pulled me aside after a lesson and let me know that there was a problem with my mongolian. She said in the nicest way possible, "Sister Royal, just so you are aware. Everytime you promise me something, you are actually telling me that you are killing me." hahahahaha WHAT?? She continued to explain to me that to promise is "amthax" and to kill is "athax" I was missing the M in my pronounciation!!!! Could you imagine if no one corrected me and I went around mongolia telling everyone that I was going to kill them.... oh man. I love being a missionary! Each day, we do things that take me out of my comfort zone and that stretch me beyond beleif. But I do it because I love the Lord and I want to serve him. And the funny thing is, I am so happy to do it! Even if I embarrass myself, its all ok because at least I am trying. I am so happy here and excited to go to mongolia! I miss you all and I love you :) I feel your love and support everyday. 

Hugs and Kisses! 
Love Always, 
Sister Royal 

PS, I posted some more pictures from the week. Sister Petersen got a fourth of July package and we all got flags to carry around. Also, I started wearing my mission shoes and I hate them. hahaha I dont even know who I am with these hideous shoes on my feet ;) but they sure are comfy! 

Love you! 

 My Ugly Mission Shoes

I Love The Lord

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  1. Sister Royal is amazing! She will do so great in Mongolia!