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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

It is so cold here and it is just fall weather!

September 14, 2014

 "This is the coldest I've ever been" -- Direct quote. My comp laughed hard at me...

Hi Family :)
Can I just say how nice it is to have someone at home worrying about my welfare :) My comp probably thinks I’m being babied, but I love it. hahah So thanks for knowing about the snow before I even had to tell you.

Yeah, it’s pretty cold here... Well, cold for Amy's standards - - nice fall weather for Mongolian standards. The day that it snowed, we went out to the countryside for a ward activity. I didn’t really know the forecast, so I only wore one jacket and one pair of tights! I was so coldddddddddddd! But rest assured, the Mongolians are almost as worried for my welfare as you are. They take care of us Americans :)

On Sunday, we had a man come over to us and talked to us in English. He was making sure that we were being fed. hahaha. Sometimes, I get annoyed when people come up and speak English to me. I felt like they figured I didn’t know Mongolian, so they were going to "dumb it down for me" But I realized this week how much English means here. Everyone wants to learn English. So when people come up and practice their English, its only because they want to practice, just like I want to practice my Mongolian. So, we usually end up speaking a very bilingual conversation - - me in broken Mongolian and them in broken English. haha I love it :)

Yeah, being pick pocketed was a bummer. But I have remedied the situation by getting a smaller, more less conspicuous bag :) I still haven’t found a good camera to buy yet because they are soooo expensive here for some reason. Like 200 American dollars expensive.. What should I do?

I also haven’t bought any of my winter things yet because they aren’t really selling the heavy-duty stuff... But I am layering up and staying warm. Right now, I’m wearing 3 pairs of tights and 2 shirts and a jacket. And I’m nice a toasty.

I got sick again... haha.. I’m starting to think that every time it gets colder outside ill get sick.. So if you have any advice on how to boost my immune system, it will be greatly appreciated :)

My area is nice. This is the second apartment I’ve lived in and today I am moving into my 3rd closer to the unur boundaries. And it’s funny because the apartments are all about the same in quality, but each apartment i get to seem nicer than the last. So I’m accommodating well :) The are is in the middle of the city. Its always hustling and bustling and we fall asleep to the sound of cars honking and sirens roaring. But I like it :)

This week I have just felt the love that my ward members have for me. Sometimes I feel like the needy puppy that everyone wants to take care of, but I'll take it :) My ward is just great! Umm... I feel like more happened this week, but I can’t remember. The days just blend together. I’m happy here (sick and all) and I see miracles every day!

Love you so much!

PS: Funny story of the week: We were heading home one night and we were runny late, so we just decided to take a taxi (taxis are an experience for sure because its just who ever feels like pulling over) and we get in and the driver starts playing some American music. And it was pretty sketchy, non-censured music. I was feeling pretty uncomfortable. And then, all of a sudden blurred lines came on and he turned to us and asked us what this song meant... not wanting to really explain it, Sister Magleby turns to me and says "you explain" So in my broken Mongolian I said "ummm its about a pretty woman and a man that likes her" Okay, it doesnt sound so funny when I write it, but we started cracking up! He then started dancing to it and singing so loud words that he didn’t even understand. It was sooooo funny! We just sat back and enjoyed the ride with the windows down. it may not have been the best missionary activity, but it was a breath of fresh air and reminded me that I can have fun as a missionary too :)

Ok, I love you tons!


Sister Royal

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