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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Seeing The Hand of The Lord Even When I'm Sick

September 21, 2014

 My district!

Family and Friends,

Man, I just couldn’t wait to email you this week! It’s the highlight of my week. It’s really funny because outside of the mission, Sundays are relaxing and Mondays are the worst. On the mission, it’s completely opposite. Sundays are the most stressful day of the week and Mondays are my favorite! haha.

To answer your question about if my weeks go fast, it always depends. Some weeks drag on and on and others fly by and its Monday again before I even know it. This week flew by especially fast.

Yeah, Elder Rasband and Elder Gong came to Mongolia this week and we had our yearly mission conference. It was so fun to have everyone together and to see my mtc friends again :) As we all sat in the chapel together I was reminded at how small this mission is. Every missionary in all of Mongolia (including couples) all fit easily into the chapel together. There are about 85 missionaries total and about half are Americans. We learned lots of great things and I am motivated to be a better missionary. The transfer did happen, but I am still with sister Magleby. Because I’m being trained, I stay with my trainer for 12 weeks instead of 6. And I’m so happy for it. We have so much fun together :)

This week has been a little rough for me health wise. I got strep throat this week and on top of that I got those little sores on the back of my throat again... I was really grateful for a mission doctor! haha. Also, on Thursday night, Sister Magleby and I got food poisoning! We were up all night and were sick most of the day on Friday. I’ve always been pretty tolerant to Mongolian food (there’s some stuff that I think is really good!) but after that experience my tastes have changed. Now, I feel sick even thinking of eating Mongolian food. And that’s really bad considering people feed us about every night and also I’m going to be in Mongolia for the next year and a half. haha. But despite the hardships, I have seen the Lord’s hand in my life. I prayed so fervently that my sickness wouldn’t effect my work and I was able to recover speedily. And let’s all be honest here, I’m a big baby when I get sick. But this week, I was strong as ever. I only wanted to hug my mom once or twice ;)

Yesterday, we went over to one of the member’s house for dinner (this is the same one that I asked if we could come over in very incoherent, broken Mongolian... haha remember that story?) Anyways, we went over to his house and met with his family and taught a lesson about testimony. While there, we were able to laugh and joke and speak with each other. They all laughed at my Mongolian, but were also so patient and willing to help me when I needed it. They filled us up with food (insisting that we had seconds... and then thirds...) and there was lots of love felt. I’m finally starting to loosen up a little. Before, I was also so scared that my Mongolian wouldn’t be perfect or that people would think I’m stupid that I didn’t speak at all. But now I’m learning that even Mongolians don’t speak Mongolian perfectly and its better to try and fail than not try at all. So I’m learning to be more bold :)

Well, there were a lot of more cool things that happened this week... but I have no time to write them! Man, I wish you all could just read my journal or something... haha. I love you all!


Sister Royal 

 AMY'S car wash! We walked a ways to get that picture... haha but I mean, I had to get it!

So, this is our Chinese investigators. Yeah, thats right. They're Chinese. He knows a little bit of Mongolian and she knows none. But they come to church each week and are so prepared. And President Benson gave us permission to continue teaching them!

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