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Monday, October 20, 2014

Busy Week

The Sisters in my zone with The UB(Ulaanbaatar) in the back. It's clear today. When winter comes the people burn coal to stay warm and the air quality goes down. They call it a "Smoke" day. I understand we will have to wear masks on smoke days.

October 19, 2014
Well, sorry but this week is also going to be a short letter. Sister Magleby is leaving this week, so we have lots of things to do. Tomorrow, I am saying goodbye to Sister Magleby and getting a mini missionary for 2 days. Then, I will get a new companion for the next transfer! She’s probably going to be Mongolian, which is terrifying and exciting all at the same time. This week, as Sister Magleby has said goodbye to everyone, I have had an overwhelming love for this country and these people. And I’m so glad I get to stay here for another year :)
I hope you enjoyed the pics. As always, I think about you always. I love you,
Sister Royal

 Jumping over Mongolia! I wish my hair wasn’t covering my face...

 Camels! Seriously, you never realize how scary camels are until you get up close to one.

 Chingas Khan as big as the statue of liberty!

 The heaviest bird I’ve ever held.

My little English student making paper airplanes.His name is Enk-Uchral

 My favorite Mongolian family! Tsogbaatar is our investigator and his family is just the cutest!

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