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Monday, January 26, 2015

Greetings from a Snowy Mongolia

January 11, 2015
Hi Family and friends :)

That’s so exciting to hear about new missionaries coming to Mongolia!!!! I love when the new missionaries come because that means I’m growing older and older in the mission and that’s a good feeling :)
Also, I’m glad the girls liked my letters! (Amy wrote some letters to my seminary students) I just remembered how dumb I felt writing letters to missionaries I didn’t really know because I knew they would never write me back. And I didn’t want to be that missionary. Because I actually really enjoyed those letters :) Any letters and good letters in Mongolia :) haha.
Also, you are just the best mom ever. Have I told you that before? Not many moms are willing to spend all day outside at a lacrosse game. Or send their daughters amazing packages all the way in Mongolia. But you do. And I’m so grateful for you :)

This week has been kind of a rough one. There has been some downs and some ups and some lessons learned. This week, I have been worrying a lot about our struggling little branch. As a missionary, it is our job to bring people to Christ. That includes our investigators, and the members in our branch. Our branch has always been meager, but, this week, we sat down with the Branch President to see how we can help him. And there is so much to be done. Barely anybody has callings and this whole time I’ve been blaming it on my Branch President. But we talked to him yesterday, and It’s because no one is worthy to have a calling right now. As I left that meeting, I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders. How can I, one missionary, help all these people? So, together with my companion, we have been working so hard this week and praying fervently for our branch. There is still so much to do, but this week, I’ve come to learn something: There is so much bad in this world. There are so many people who need help. How can we all, just one person, help everyone? And the truth is, we can’t. But, just because we can’t help EVERYONE doesn’t mean we cant help SOMEONE. Every act of service we do, every little miracle we give, helps someone. And I’m learning that that is enough to the Lord. So keep working. Don’t get discouraged. Because even the littlest act of kindnesses can mean the world to one person.

I love this work! I love Mongolia!!!!! And I love you :) Have a good week :) 

January 18. 2015

Amy was asked to give some advise on what to bring with them to two new sister heading to Mongolia in February.
hahaha oh man, I just have sooooo much to say about Mongolia in soooo little time!!! Hahah
1) You can seriously buy everything here. I thought that by going to Mongolia, I’d be in some remote countryside somewhere with nothing to buy. But it’s a city just like any other city. They have malls and markets. Don’t worry about it.
2) NEVER SHOP AT THE DEPARTMENT STORE. Its wayyyyyyy overpriced and your can get anything your need at the zakh (market) for half the price. Boots usually cost anywhere from 20-30 dollars and a coat can cost around 50-80 dollars. Word of caution: Things are pretty cheap here, but they don’t last very long. So, she may have to buy multiple pairs of boots for example.
3) Deodorant is just like American. They have secret brand and suave. You don’t need to worry about cosmetics and stuff. They are well stocked here.
4) Just bring as much American stuff as possible :) haha. It doesn’t even matter what it is! When I got a package from my mom, my favorite things were the McDonalds toys or the silly tights you gave me. Because they came from America! haha. Also, If your offering.... Bring me some yummy American chocolate! haha no matter what anyone says: Mongolian chocolate is NOT the same as good ol’ American ;)
haha Don’t worry, your daughter is in good hands. This is the best mission in the world!

Sister Royal

January 18, 2015
Hi Dad :)

My Mongolian Walter Mitty Moment

Thanks for the words of encouragement :) Missions are pretty hard like 80% of the time. The that 20% of awesomeness usually makes up for the hard stuff ;) haha. One thing I’ve realized is that the best kept secret in the church is how hard missions are. But, its not because people are trying to be sneaky or deceptive. It’s because the good always out weigh the hardness of it. I have thought a lot about my future actually. Especially this last few weeks as I’m reading over the conference talks a lot. I haven’t made any clear decisions on my future really (I’m still pretty lost when it comes to the whole school aspect of life) But I have thought a lot about my future family. I’m made lists and written letters to my future self reminding me of all the things I want to do as a future mom. I am determined to be the best mom I can be. Haha. kind of cliché right? I’ve also come to the realization that the Lord can make me into a much better person that I can do by myself. And he usually does that by trails. So, I’m determined to learn EVERYTHING I can about myself and others during the many trails that come along in a mission. Especially patience. haha.
Dad, on your mission, did you ever have a really hard companion?  How did you deal with it?
Anyways, I love you a bunch. Your emails are always so great :)
Love you!
Sister Royal

January 25, 2015

Hello Family,
Hi mom :)

Yay! Your last day in prison!!! (Kevin gets his driver’s license today) hahaha. Just wait, pretty soon, you will be missing the time that you had picking him up. Haha. He’s growing so old!!! I hate it! haha. Yes, I did get a new companion. We are still working together in the Bayanzurkh branch, which makes me so happy because I love the people in this branch! They are so wonderful!!!

This week has been full of ups and downs. Change is something that I’m still getting used to, but its also such a prominent part of missions every few months, we changes homes, companions, areas. It’s pretty hard! But isn’t that the beauty of life: we are always changing! Nothing is ever set in stone. And we are always in charge of who we will become today, tomorrow, and forever. I was reading in the Liahona the other day about this story that really hit me: it talked about fireflies.
This man was in the Amazon on a trip and was riding a boat down the river one night. He thought to himself how bright the stars were. He sat there, completely entranced by these stars that seemed so close to him. But, after a while, he realized that they were just fireflies right above his head.
I thought about life. Sometimes, things seem so close. So important or so bright. But, they are just fireflies that will fly away soon. What I learned from this was that we need to stay focused on the important things in life. Because fireflies will always just fly away. Just remember to focus on the real stars, the things that won’t fade away.

I love you mom. I miss you every day. Like all the time, really. haha. But, I have confidence that we will meet again soon! Just 10 more months! Love you! Have a good week!

Sister Royal

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