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Monday, February 23, 2015

Tsagaan sar

Subject: Happy Valentines Day!!!
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Well, Hello family :) :)

This week has been such a wonderful week! I’ve seen so many miracles and I have realized how FUN missionary work can be! This week, my companion went on a 4 day exchange with one of the Sister Training leaders and that meant that I got to spend 4 days with non other than my bestie... Sister Petersen! haha. We have literally been waiting for this moment for 7 months. haha. Each time we see each other, we think, maybe we'll be together this transfer. its always been wishful thinking, but this week, our wishes came true!

So, to be honest, I was a little worried... Although our Mongolian has grown a lot in the last 7 months, we are still kind of the newbies you know? But, as we got together and prayed earnestly that the spirit would be with us and that we would be safe and that people would actually understand us, we had peace come over both of us and we set out for our little adventure. And it was full of miracles!!! I can’t tell you all of them, but I will tell you one or two:

1) first, her area is kind of infested with really scary dogs. She told me about it before we left, but I guess I didn’t really take it seriously until we go there. We found ourselves walking up the side of a hill with two rocks in each of our hands. I was looking behind us and she was watching the front of us. hahaha. It may seem like we were being a little overdramatic, but trust me... it was necessary. haha. Anyways, we finally got to the house and she warned me that we couldn’t go inside because they had a really mean dog. So instead, we called her name and waited for some one to let us in. But, we waited and waited and no one came. We called their phone and no one answered. But, we just knew they were home. So, we said a quiet, secret prayer. We felt that we needed to just walk in, because we couldn’t see the dog anywhere. So, we said another little prayer for protection and walked in. Right as we walked in, I screamed as I saw the dog come up behind Sister Petersen. But, the dog ran away from us and cowered in the corner. We both sat there in shock. Sister Petersen told us to run into the ger, even though no one was inside. she then told me that she has NEVER seen that dog so calm. She said that most of the time, the owners have to use all their strength to hold him back from getting them. We then said a little prayer of thanks for protection and I KNOW that angles were by our sides.

2) Being two Americans in Mongolia can sometimes be a scary thing. But it can also sometimes be such a blessing. Because we are both Americans, its almost like we can get away with being more bold or something. Anyways, we decided to go to a less active members house to visit. They have visited before, and never really been welcomed. In fact, the last time they went, they basically told Sister Petersen and her comp to not come back. But we decided to take our changes. So we went over and they reluctantly invited us in. We were able to share a short scripture with them and Sister Petersen told them that they would like to come back. And they invited us over for Tsagaan cap! They opened up to us right in front of our faces. It was such a wonderful thing to watch the spirit touch their hearts as we taught.

So, there were so many more miracles that week! And soooooo many fun times! But I have no time to tell it all... haha. So you'll just have to read my journal when I get back ;) haha. Missionary work is so important you guys! And when two people have the same goal and have follow the spirit, miracles can happen! I love you guys! This week, I will experience my first Tsagaan sar! I will make sure to take lots of pictures and wear my del for you :)

Have a good week!

Love, sister Royal

February 22, 2015

I hoped you liked all the pics :) this week was so interesting because I got to see more of the beauty that is part of the Mongolian culture. Tsagaan sar is so interesting! Missionary work basically stopped.. haha. but we got the opportunity to visit people from our ward and people that we used to meet with. We ate so many buuz. haha. Like, I would go in for seconds because I knew that people wanted me to eat buuz and I would think, "yeah, that’s got to be enough" and then, they would grab my plate and put more on. haha. And then, we would leave and go to another house and do the same thing all over again. haha. It was great!

I’m glad you made buuz at home! They look really good! Did you steam them? How'd you get the recipe? I’m so excited to come home and make Mongolian food at home. I’m trying as hard as I can to learn now while im with Mongolian companions. haha. Anyways, sorry this is so short. I hope you have a good week mom! I love you so much! Don’t forget it.

Love you,

Sister Royal

1) So this was a big day because... I didn’t have to wear my big marshmallow coat! yay for spring time!!!

2) Tsagaan sar get up. You might think we look silly, but this is how everyone 

looked all last week.

3) Typical tsagaan sar table spread. Also, they are my favorite family :)

4) we got to take part in the traditional hair shaving party. if you are asked to participate, you are able to cut off a small piece of their hair and give them a blessing of long life and happiness. And then you give them money. haha. It was such a cool experience and it was  an honor to be asked to participate!
A Mongolian haircutting ceremony. Mongolian children get their first haircut in early ages between 2-5. It is called Daah Urgeeh. The ceremony symbolizes the end of "babyhood" and the transition to "childhood".  It is a great honor for a foreigner to participate.

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