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Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Test of my Mongolian Knowledge

Dear Family and Friends,  March 1, 2015

 So, this week has been full of changes! First, I hit my half way mark this week! Nine more months! Does it feel like it’s gone by fast for you? Second, transfers came out this week and I got a new companion and a new area! I was so sad to leave Bayanzurkh, but, I had been there for about 5 months, so its nice to have a change! I’m now in the Han uul area. It’s in the center of the city and it is also the area where a lot of international people live. Our ward has a translator who translates everything into English (not me thank goodness haha) and we even get to teach a few lessons in English! It’s actually really weird! haha. My companion is Sister Overson, a cute sister who came to Mongolia about 3 months ago. She is also from Arizona (Gilbert area) and I think you should be friends with her family :) Her moms name is Amanda Overson. Sister Overson is amazing! She is so smart! She knows WAY more Mongolian than I knew when I was here three months! I’m so excited to learn from one another and work REALLY hard on our Mongolian. haha cause we need it ;) Also, sister Overson's English Class is the same as Sister Magleby (my trainer) So, I get to go back to the cute kindergarten that I loved so much when I first got here! It’s going to be great!

One of my favorite pass times as a missionary is reading or listening to Conference talks! I remember how before my mission, it was a rare occasion if I would pick up the Ensign. Well, those days are no more. I can’t wait for each month when the new Liahona comes out. haha. I’m a changed woman! And yes, I’ve had to give 2 talks so far and 1 talk over the phone (they have an over the phone sacrament meeting so people in the country side can have church). It was scary (duhh) but I just kind of treated it like teaching a lesson and I’m getting pretty used to teaching lessons so its not too bad. Mongolian is coming along. I’m not going to say I know everything or even that I’m fluent, but, I’ve gotten to the point where I can teach all the lessons and I’m not afraid to change things up or modify things according to the spirit. With transfers this week I’m with sister Overson, who came to Mongolia only 3 months ago. So, I guess this will be the biggest test of my language, to see if two Americans speaking Mongolian can navigate the city on our own. haha.

I hope you all have a great week :) Everyone, make sure to spoil my mom for me on her birthday! I love you all!

Sister Royal

 Sister Overson and I celebrating my halfway mark with oreo shakes and big plan :)

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