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Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring is Springing in Mongolia

Hi everyone :)
Good Morning From Mongolia. It is warming up only 25 degrees

So, this week had been pretty uneventful. My companion and me both got really sick and spent a lot of time at home this week. BUT, yesterday we were both feeling better and ready to get to work. After church, we went on a split and met with a lot of our investigators to try and make up for this week. I mean, we were on a roll! After we got back together, we decided to meet with someone close by before we went home to plan. But, literally no one was home! So, we decided to go try and find one of our new members, a cute little 11 year old boy named Tumurhuu. We went to his house and his mom told him he was nearby playing outside with his friends. So, we went to go find him to see if we could pull him away for a little bit to meet. But, the opposite happened... haha. We found him at a close by park, playing with some other kids from the neighborhood. Before we could even tell him our proposition, he and all of his friends ran up to us and told us to play with them. We kindly refused, thinking we might have better things to do. But as the kids kept begging, I just couldn’t resist. They even start using their limited English saying "very fun." "you play?" hahaha.
So, we made a deal that if we played for a little bit, Tumurhuu would come home and meet with us. We ended up playing this fun game of tag where the person is blindfolded and had to catch someone. We were playing for not even 5 minutes when some of the parents came over to see who these weird Americans were playing with their kids. But, before they could ask, they started playing with us too! It was so fun. After we played, we talked with all of the kids and introduced ourselves. The parents were talking to us too. There was one kid, named Erdene-belig (he’s the one in the picture) kept following me around. He then told me to bend down and he whispered in my ear. He asked how he could see me again. So, I told him that if he wanted to, he could come to church with his friend and we could meet there. Tumurhuu then came over and started explaining church to him. Little Erdene said he wanted to, but his grandma wouldn’t like it. Before I could say anything, Tumurhuu told him he needed to pray. He then gave him a quick run down on how to pray and promised him if he prayed and asked God, his grandma would let him go to church. He then said, "I have a lot of pamphlets at home that I'll give to you". It was the cutest missionary experience I’ve ever seen. And it reaffirmed my testimony that every member can be a missionary.
It was such a wonderful moment. I love the people here in Mongolia. I love meeting people from all different backgrounds and knowing that we have at least one thing in common: we are all human!

Work is good here. I’m glad I sounded happy in my last email because I am so happy! Work is just really great :) This week, our little family of investigators came to church! And their little girl (Huuslen) still calls us everyday just to talk and tell us that she is reading from the BOM. haha. So so cute Also, this Sunday was our little new members birthday (a ten year old boy named Ariunbold) and I really wanted to make it special for him because his family is kind of rough and I wasn’t sure if they would do something for him. So, we picked him up at his house and sang a birthday song to him. He was so happy and cute! And I gave him some yummy chocolate and Spiderman stickers and a note. And while we were at church, I saw him keep looking at him stickers and then re-reading the note. haha. I seriously love him. And the best part is, before I came he was pretty inactive. And then I came into the area and I just feel like I have a connection with him. And I know he feels the same way. You would love him. He’s the sweetest in the world! When we come back to Mongolia together, we'll visit his house :)
That’s my life. I just do work work work. Let me tell you our schedule: We wake up and leave the house by 8 so that we can get to my comps kindergarten by 9. We teach from 9-12 and then grab something to eat from a store and head out to meet with people. Then, at 5 I teach my English and then we go home and study from 7-10. haha. There is literally NO time for anything. And we go on splits every Wednesday with ward missionaries because we have too many people to meet with and not enough time. But, even though its kind of stressful, we count our blessings because we know we are living every missionaries dream. I mean, we are too busy because we have too many awesome people to meet with? Yeah, I’ll take that over the alternative any day.

And I miss you a lot. But, mom just told me that we have 6 more Sundays until we get to Skype with each other again sooooo..... purty good :) And then after that, just 6 months! Crazy right??
This week has been great. I’m just really happy here. And spring is on the verge of springing! haha I feel it! Can you believe its already almost April?? That’s crazy. But time flies when your having fun :) I love you!

Sister Royal

Also, I got a letter in the mail from both grandpa and Aunt Deb. Please tell them thank you for me!!!!!


1) The cutest little boy ever! 
2) Our fun game we played 

3) These kids are the cutest :)
4) This family is THE BEST. They taught us how to make Hushuur. The little girl with
 glasses is great and going to get baptized in May. 

5) Mongolian Rural Life

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